Downloads Statistics of IntellliJ plugin

When the company I work for finally moved to git from SVN we choose GitLab as our git platform of choice. All the developer were enthusiastic about this change until someone noticed that support for GitLab in our IDE of choice (IntelliJ IDEA) is not that good as support for GitHub.

I decided to change that and started working on the same set of features that GitHub has for but for GitLab.

Introducing GitLab Projects Plugin.

This was two and half years ago.

I decided to share with you download statistics of my little plugin.

There was 148,912 downloads of my plugin.

Downloads in time

Downloads by month


Downloads by week


Downloads by day


Notes and observations

The spikes are corresponding with new plugin versions and people updating.

Downloads by IDE

As Jetbrains develops a lot of IDEs that are all based on same IntelliJ platform my plugin is available in a lot of those IDEs.


The biggest portion is downloaded by IntelliJ Ultimate edition users.

Second is PHP Storm and third IntelliJ Community edition.

Sorry for the names of IDEs, this is how data is provided to me by JetBrains.


Hope this is interesting to somebody.