Putin Emoji: Using Facebook As Super Simple Project Management Tool

Few weeks back I was kinda bored over the weekend so I decided to super small side project.

During week in work we were joking around and googling fun images of politicians. You know office jokes.

Someone pointed out when you look on Google Image search result page for Vladimir Putin it almost looks like all the unicode emoji.


Yes it kinda does. So my weekend project was set to be simple webpage where you can enter name of the emoji like “angry” and you will get image of Vladimir Putin, very angry Vladimir Putin.


I coded some very quick prototype, bought the domain name and posted in on facebook. Mostly as a joke.

I got some amused reactions, but not that much. As a joke it was not a good one :D


Sorry most of the facebook conversation is in Czech.

Than my QA colleague got hold of it and she started requesting new emojis.


Than reporting bugs.


In the end I added list of recent searches, autocomplete, new logo, working responsive version and hundreds of images.

Yes all of this is possible with normal project tracking tools. But I would never setup one for joke website with mild reactions. Facebook was integral part of development of this webpage and I honestly I had much more fun thanks to Facebook. So it’s not that evil. All the time.

Resulting page.


The whole conversation can be found here.


Pavel Polivka