Ready Player One Is Really Good

I really liked the Ready Player One Book. I was at point in my live where I did not read books that much. I loved reading in theory. I was not able to read books when I always could watch one of millions TV shows about young attractive cops or doctors. I heard about this book in some podcast and bought it. I took me month or two to start reading it. I am glad I did. It started my new interest in reading, cyberpunk and sci-fi in general. I owe this book much of my current taste in everything.

Yesterday I saw the Ready Player One movie and I loved it. Those who know me know that I do not like most movies and I do not like movies based on books. But I had this happy smile on my face during the whole movie. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Yes, it’s not that book 1 to 1. It should not be. But it’s awesome in its own way. I am feeling very similar the way I read the book.

A lot of people on the internet are saying that this movie/book is exploiting your nostalgia. That may be the case but hey I do not see it as negative. If it works and makes me happy what’s the issue? I do not get this Reddit hate for it. Yes, I want to buy a poster of some iconic images from the movie and hang it on my wall but I did that with Pulp Fiction as well. Did Tarantinto tried to exploit me?

Do not listen to the internet and go see the movie.