Book: Think and Grow Rich

Warning. This text will get political. If you do not like it. Tough luck.

This book is marked as father of all self help books. The masterpiece of money making. And tons of other superlatives. It’s in a lot of lists like: 10 books that changed my life or what to read before you die. Hype is real.

I am known to read a self help book from time to time and I read one of those 10 books lists and I marked this one as my next book.

In each chapter in the book there is one big idea that if applied will lead you to incredible riches. Yeah I know. All the ideas are in principal great ideas.  are useful and not obvious to everybody, certainly not in 1937 when the book was first published.

Each idea is described in way to much pages with a lot of examples and personal stories. This is my problem with a lot of self help books though. These authors would not look smart if all their books were like 10 pages instead of 300. These stories and examples are my biggest issue with this book. The copy I read was revisited for 21st century. Still everything seemed so dated. Examples that were supposed to underline the ideas were completely false or at least misleading more than half the time. The visions of future workspaces and future in general were way of and sentences like: “Now is the best time for you to make money.” are stupid in the context of 1937 … (You know the whole world war problem).

There is this annoying section about USA the most free and democratic country in the world. Yeah this is appealing to the american audience but common now. This was not true in 1937 and it’s plain lie today. Quick glance into news. First thing I see is article about woman in Texas sentenced to 5 years prison for voting on probation. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? In all the free countries there are voting places in jail. In all the free countries they will not let vote somebody that is not supposed to (underage people). In all the free countries they will not send you to jail because government system does not work very well. That is a quick glance at news example. There is the whole black people are shot on streets problem. The people are carrying guns to schools to shoot people for fun problem. You know the land of free and brave.

How are you supposed to take an advice from people that will say: “USA is only free country in the world”?

Than there is this fetish like fascination with capitalism and its major players in 1900. You know people like Ford, Edison, etc… I do not want to rant about Edison, but it’s general knowledge that he stole most of his patent ideas from Tesla. That Steel Shit If You Can principle in chapter 13 …. Oh wait it’s not there. All these people are introduced like demigods of money making. They never did anything wrong. If I want to read bedtime story I will do just that.

So this whole book is a two or three page pamphlet of ideas. Stuffed by some boring and inaccurate stories and blind nationalism. No thank you.